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Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services
Improve the availability, performance, and security of your devices with remote managed services.

Complement your IT staff and free up their time to concentrate on your core business, making everything run more smoothly.

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Information technology leaders are constantly charged with providing high-quality services while cutting their costs. Using remote services to complement your in-house IT staff is one potential solution. Gartner estimates that “70% of IT support for infrastructure services can be performed from a remote location” and “remote infrastructure management services can reduce labor costs by 10% to 50%,” depending on the delivery location.

With our years of experience, we have the expertise to deliver high-quality services with proven results. Our clients realize benefits each day, including:

  • Lower operational costs, with limited up-front expense
  • Comprehensive solutions with ongoing management and monitoring of servers, storage, network, and middleware
  • The ability to focus on core business requirements and innovation
  • Increased infrastructure availability, with 24/7/365 proactive monitoring
  • Real-time reports with automated notifications and alerts
  • Access to the right combination of specialized remote competency centers and on-site capabilities

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70% of businesses are either using or investigating cloud computing solutions.

Source: AMD (1/12)

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2014 Cost of a Data Breach Study

  • The cost of a data breach increased averaging $5.4 million to $5.9 million. The cost per record also increased from $188 to $201.
  • More customers terminated their relationship with a company that had a data breach increasing the churn rate between 2013 and 2014 15%.
  • Malicious or criminal attacks are the most frequently encountered root cause of data breaches by organizations in this study. 44% of data breaches were a malicious or criminal attack, 31% were employee negligence, and 25% were due to system glitches


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